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Toilet Cleaner Starter Set

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Clean your loo with our toilet cleaner sheets. They come here as a starter kit with a snappy Good Sheet tin.

30 washes - one sheet, one clean. You'll never use too much with these pre-measured sheets of toilet cleaning goodness.

How to use

Good Sheet Toilet Cleaning sheets come in triples so for a standard wash rip down the perforation and use 1 per wash.

Drop into the toilet water and allow to dissolve a bit.

Brush your loo as usual.

When you're done with the envelope, simply throw into the recycle bin.


For our Sheets: You can choose at checkout to receive your order in a hot water dissolvable cellulose bag.. our complete zero waste solution or our usual recycled cardboard envelope.

Toilet Cleaner Starter Set

Why use Good Sheets?

Plastic Free

Absolutely no plastic is used in our packaging. We use recycled cardboard, which is compostable as well as recyclable. Or you can choose our dissolvable option ensuring there's nothing to even recycle!

Pre-Measured Doses - No Wastage or Spillage

All our sheets come in pre-measured amounts, this means you won't use too much. Other detergent companies are all about selling more product, and yes we are too, but not by encouraging waste. It's very easy to over-use other detergents with a very large scoop/capful.. or even worse, if you free-pour!

Low-Tox Formulations

All products are certified by OECD-301B, meaning they are readily biodegradable. Our fragrance free products are also safe for sensitive skin.

Vegan and Planet Friendly

Our products are never tested on our precious animals.

We make sure that our plant based ingredients are safe for you and our planets waterways. They even work in a septic system.

Our supplier of sheets holds an OECD-301b certification of biodegradability and a BSCI, which contains the following code of conduct has 11 principles. These range from fair remuneration to no child labour, along with a step-by-step approach that enables companies to monitor, engage, get empowered and receive support to put sustainable trade at the heart of their business. 

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