We are constantly seeking opportunities to innovate and unleash our creativity in order to make our packaging exceptionally resourceful and waste-minimizing.

  Thoughtful Shipping: We ship all our products in either paper envelopes, home compostable mailers, or landfill biodegradable mailers.

✓ Sustainable Sleeves: We recently discovered a laminate coating on our new cardboard packaging sleeves, which made them recyclable but not compostable. To rectify this, we're switching to a new cardstock, ensuring our sleeves are both recyclable and compostable once again.

✓ We can refill your Good Sheet tin, with your monthly sheets, sent to you in a hot water dissolvable cellulose bag - completely zero waste! See our blog for more info


Our detergent sheets not only provide exceptional cleaning power but also boast an impressively light eco footprint, leaving behind a trail of freshness and sustainability with every wash.

✓ Certified Biodegradability: We're in the process of changing suppliers to ensure our sheets are certified as biodegradable using the OECD-0301B certification. This rigorous testing method measures the breakdown speed and effectiveness of materials when submerged in water with oxygen, mimicking a waste water system.

✓ No Harsh Chemicals: Palm oil free, Plant and mineral based ingredients, never tested on animals

✓ Pre-measured dosage, less waste.. remember less is more!

✓ We will always give you educational info – such as separate whites and colors before washing, go over your clothes for stain preparation before washing, soak things before washing if required. See our blog for more info.

✓ Our new supplier ensures us: There is a short distance between raw ingredients and factory of manufacture. Christine will head over to China to check everything as soon as possible.

✓ Our formulations remove the water and thus the weight of regular laundry detergent, making them less carbon intensive to ship (both overseas and locally)

✓ Offsetting the shipping carbon we generate: Each shipment that arrives will be offset via Carbon Fund


We're actively working to shrink our carbon footprint and maximize waste reduction, leaving no stone unturned in our quest for a greener and more sustainable future.

✓ Plastic Neutrality: We're proud to be certified as "plastic neutral" through our partnership with rePurpose Global. We recover and remove plastic waste from the environment, offsetting the plastic
we generate in our supply chain.

✓ Plus what is actually generated in the supply chain is recycled via Terracycle as well.

✓ Our electricity bills for the office and warehouse use 100% green energy

✓ Carbon neutral shipping partners: We use Sendle for metro areas & Aust Post for regional areas

✓ Keep our jobs local: Unlike our competitors, absolutely no packing of our product is done overseas. We order packaging sleeves in Australia and pack them ourselves!


Together, we're weaving sustainability into every thread of our work, ensuring that our eco-conscious values shine through in every aspect of our operations.

✓ We’re a small but mighty family team consisting of Christine and her sons. We have a marketing assistant too.

✓ We are planning on growing our team in the future, once we
have a larger warehouse space, to include a vibrant employee with additional needs or a disability as we firmly believe in jobs for all, the right to economic security and the chance to learn new skills and be part of a team. 

Future Plans

We're determined to redefine what it means to be environmentally conscious and create a blueprint for a brighter, greener tomorrow (in eCommerce).

We’re looking into 1% for the Planet as another way to give back, and also Plastic Bank. We'll keep you posted about developments there!