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At Good Sheet we're all about.. making a difference and keeping things simple

With our pre-measured, zero plastic, mess free, laundry detergent sheets, that are safe for the environment and YOU!

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Good Sheet
Good Sheet

Kinder your clothes and the Earth

Good Sheet

One little strip cleans a whole load (no sheet!)

We are an Aussie owned & operated company

We’ve All Got to Wash, Right?

Good Sheet’s Eco Laundry detergents strips are the easiest switch to make. Each pack contains sheets of pre-measured, concentrated, hypoallergenic, plant based cleaning power in a mess-free strip of dehydrated detergent.

Simply pop into your washer and they dissolve quickly to clean your clothes. Suits all types of machines including HE and can be used in hot or cold water.

They're great for sensitive skin and kind to our waterways as compared to regular chemical laden detergents. Vegan friendly and never tested on animals.

Plus they’re a space saver as there's no large plastic bottles or bulky cardboard boxes taking up real estate in your laundry room. You can even travel with them!

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Good Sheet

Small steps. Big impact

Let's face it the idea of saving the earth can feel quite overwhelming when you look around and see the state of it. 
No need to get your knickers in a twist when you think about what it's going to take to save it.
At Good Sheet we believe that big changes takes small steps.
So we've made it easy for you to make a difference. Starting with your washing.

The good people at rePurpose Global help businesses like ours to reduce waste plastic impact on the planet.

Even here at Good Sheet we recognise that although we have minimised plastic in our product there are elements in our supply chain out of our control.

The answer for us is to work with rePurpose Global to buy credits to offset any plastic use in our supply chain. These credits then get used in projects that reclaim plastics throughout the globe, removing plastic from the environment and creating jobs and awareness.

We are proud to partner with repurpose global and our
laundry sheets have been certified as a plastic neutral product. It’s great to be part of a truly circular economy.

For more information on the amazing work they do visit:

Why Good Sheet?

giving back

Giving Back

We give to rePurpose Global to clean up low value plastic in the environment (think single use food packaging etc)



Easy shop at home, subscribe and save options. Your products arrive at your door when you choose.

no harm

No Harm

Absolutely no harmful chemicals for your body or the planet, and no compromise to the cleaning power!



We've removed ALL single use plastic from our product range, so you can rest easy knowing you're not adding to the problem