• No Plastic

    Absolutely no single use plastic, never ever!

  • No Phosphates

    Our product are harsh chemical free - no phosphates, no bleaches and no nasties

  • No Animal Testing

    We never test on animals, ever

  • Plant Based

    Our products are formulated using lox-tox, plant, based ingredients

When Good Sheet Happens

First time using this product, I thought they were high quality, the wash came out fresh and clean with a fresh pleasant smell. I love how truly eco friendly they are everything from the packaging, the compostable plastic to the product itself. Will definitely buy again.


These laundry sheets are amazing! I cannot believe how much softer our clothes are without all the additives commercial ones use. I have gotten so many compliments on what people think is my perfume but is just my clothes. If you are considering using these I cannot recommend them enough. They are fabulous AND they are so much better for the environment. You can even buy them without the cardboard sleeve if you want to take your eco-friendly actions to the next level. And the owner is wonderful! 


I absolutely love the sheets, but thought the scent was a little too subtle.. so I ordered the scent booster along with the sheets next time and can now add extra smell when I need it (like for my hubbies gym clothes!)


Worked better than I expected. They completely dissolved, and cleaned the laundry well. Fragrance free, great for my sensitive skin


Loved mine! They worked fantastic in hot and cold water and on my uniforms. The scent is not overwhelmingly strong which for me is a bonus.


You know how much you wash

Get your Good Sheets delivered to you exactly when you need them.

You control your subscription, you can pause, skip or even instant-ship if you have a particulary 'dirty' month.

1. Pick your scent

2. Pick your frequency

3. Relax.

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