5 cool Christmas gift ideas for busy people in your life

5 cool Christmas gift ideas for busy people in your life

As Christmas is around the corner, with less than two weeks remaining, many of us find ourselves in a familiar holiday predicament: the last-minute gift hunt. 

If you're reading this blog, chances are you're still brainstorming for cool Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones. Well, you're not alone—we’re here to provide you with some helpful suggestions.

First off...

Let's acknowledge that Christmas, while a time of joy and giving, can also be a time of excess and waste.

In the spirit of the season, it’s better to consider gifts that are as kind to the planet as they are to your busy, practical, but eco-conscious family and friends. 

At Good Sheet, we offer a range of eco-friendly products such as laundry detergent sheets and other cleaning products which can be cool gifts this Christmas 2023. 

Why choose eco-friendly gifts?

While gadgets are popular, studies show that people appreciate practical, essential gifts more. 

Our products, made from natural, eco-friendly materials, do not only minimise environmental impact by reducing waste but are also effective for washing clothes and cleaning dishes or even toilet bowls. 

Free from plastic, phosphates, and hypoallergenic, our items are gentle on the environment and the skin, making them an ideal choice for eco-conscious gift-givers.

Cool Christmas Gift Ideas from the Good Sheet

1 Laundry Detergent Sheets

Our Laundry Detergent Sheets, available in Fresh Scent and Fragrance-Free, provide a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional detergents.

Made from coconut oil, they are tough on stains yet gentle on fabrics, and eliminate the need for traditional powders or liquids.

With options for 32, 64, and 96 washes, these sheets are suitable for all laundry needs​​. 

They dissolve completely in both hot and cold water, leaving no residue, and can be used in various types of washing machines or for hand washing.

These detergent sheets are the best Christmas gift choice for your mum, in-laws, aunts, friends, and even yourself!

2 Toilet Cleaning Sheets 

We all know that cleaning a bathroom is such hard work and for someone who likes to clean, an effective Toilet Cleaning Sheet is a godsend. 

Good Sheet’s Toilet Cleaning Sheets are unscented, dissolvable sheets—with each sheet packed with cleaning power, making toilet bowl maintenance easy and efficient. 

This product is ideal for those looking to reduce the use of harsh chemicals in their homes while maintaining a clean toilet bowl for visitors this holiday. 

Simply drop one into the water, allow it to dissolve a bit, and then brush as usual. The best bit is you won't overuse this product, one sheet, one clean!

3 100% Pure Wool Dryer Balls 

100% Pure Wool Dryer Balls are a holiday lifesaver for those prepping their homes for guests. 

These natural wool wonders speed up drying by 25 per cent, a boon for anyone in a rush to get linens guest-ready. 

They're a universal helper, whether you're tackling laundry loads or racing against time to fluff up those comforters. 

Perfect for dwellers in rainy locales like Melbourne, they're a quirky yet practical gift. 

Just add a witty card – something like, "For your rainy day laundry blues!" – and you've got a fun, functional present for anyone with a dryer.

4 Laundry Scent Booster Beads 

For those who love fresh-smelling laundry, Laundry Scent Booster Beads are a perfect Christmas gift choice as well.

They provide a long-lasting fragrance to clothes without the hassle of perfumes, making laundry smell delightful with minimal effort.

If you or a loved one likes their clothes having more noses, then isn’t this the best and most practical Christmas gift for them? 

5 Stain Remover Laundry Soap 

At Christmas dinners, where delicious food is abundant, there's always a risk of staining your favourite outfits. 

Grease stains from butter, margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressings, gravy, oil-based sauces, and red wine can be particularly stubborn.

Stain Remover Laundry Soap is an ideal solution for such tough stains, making it an invaluable gift for removing stains from clothes, linens and napkins.

What's more this eco-friendly soap removes stains effectively without the use of harsh chemicals, serving as a thoughtful and practical addition to any laundry routine. 

Coolest Christmas Gift Bundle

This Christmas, get our exclusive, customisable Christmas Gift Bundle.

Mix and match items such as Laundry Detergent Sheets with Organic Reusable Cotton Bags, or add Stainless Steel Pegs for a complete laundry set. 

Plus, you'll get a 10 per cent discount, and each bundle comes in a nice gift bag with a handwritten note for a personal touch. It's a thoughtful, cool gift this Christmas for a loved one.

Wrapping up

This Christmas, show your busy family and friends that you’ve put effort into your choice, even when at this time, you’re still reading this article.  

Our range of eco-friendly laundry products, from detergent sheets to wool dryer balls, scent booster beads, and stain remover soap, offer sustainable, time-saving solutions for everyday household chores. 

When you gift a Good Sheet product, you gift the planet as well. So, enjoy shopping now and make sure you get the Christmas Gift Bundle while supplies last!