Why you need to give sustainable laundry sheets a spin

Why you need to give sustainable laundry sheets a spin

 Behold, I come baring the best of news; your laundry is about to get a fresh smelling, sustainable make over. Planet lovers have long mulled over the quandary of how best to tackle the issue of clothes washing. On the one hand, clothes washing is a significant contributor to our planet’s precarious position; via plastic bottle waste, carbon emissions associated with transport and chemical output. On the other hand, all who come within a close radius of us would surely appreciate a thorough and effective wash. *Triumphant trumpets sounding*

Enter: Laundry sheets.

Laundry sheets are ultra-concentrated detergent in biodegradable, lightweight, pre-measured strips. They can be used in the exact same way you use your current laundry detergent - throw them in with the wash or into the detergent compartment on your machine.

So why have laundry sheets been putting a spring in the step of planet protectors everywhere? For the simple reason that they minimise if not eradicate all the problems associated with traditional laundry products. Here’s the laundry list of reasons Good Sheet laundry strips are the holy grail of washing detergents.

First and perhaps most obviously, laundry sheets overcome the problem of plastic bottle waste. That’s a big one, considering over one billion laundry detergent bottles are discarded in the US yearly. Take a moment to visualise that teetering mountain of plastic waste.

In that case, surely powder detergents in cardboard boxes are preferable for those interested in withdrawing their contribution to plastic mountain? Preferable yes, but by no means ideal. Like their liquid counterpart, powder detergents are heavy and bulky, meaning more fuel consumption and therefore more carbon emissions are involved in their transportation. Our 3-gram strip weighs 94% less than the 40 grams of detergent needed for a single load, representing a massive win on the carbon emissions front. The strip’s lightweight-ness is also an advantage for your laundry cabinet - you can fit enough sheets for 400 washes in the same space that would be taken up by one 100-wash bottle of liquid detergent. Your planet and storage space are on the same side on this one.

Another reason the environment (and your skin!) would thank you to make the strip switch: they’re paraben free, phosphate free, added dye free, chlorine bleach free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and biodegradable. This comes as a refreshing change from the array of dangerous chemicals and non-biodegradable surfactants often contained in both liquid and powder detergents.

I know what you’re thinking. All that chemical free goodness must require a compromise on the cleanliness front. Uh uh. Our laundry sheets contain all the cleaning power of the top brand detergents, but in concentrated form. You can expect top notch stain removal, blindingly white whites and vibrant colours to emerge from that washing machine of yours.

So there we have it, quandary tackled! Laundry sheets keep the wellbeing of our planet at the forefront of design, ingredients and packaging, demonstrating that pristine washing and pristine consciences can go hand in hand.