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Living a Low Tox Life eBook

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Grab a copy of my eBook:

Living a Low Tox Life

We know you care about our world, its people and have strong values that guide your decisions, just as much as we do. Our aim for this eBook is to give you some tips to live the life you desire and also to make a difference. The more of us that make a stand for our principles and take action, the better the world can become!

Do you worry about the amount of chemicals that it takes to clean your home?
Have you ever been diagnosed with a chemical sensitivity and want to switch to natural products?
Using the “Living a Low Tox Life book”, you will learn the easiest ways to make the switch and still have a sparkling clean, fresh smelling home without the chemical burden from regular cleaning products.
With information on why you would want to change, to what it takes to make the change, to simple recipes to make your own products, this book shows you a path.
Recipes included are:
Toilet cleaners, glass cleaning, dishwash liquids, laundry powders and liquids, handwash, multi-purpose surface cleaner and many more. Plus some yummy recipes for a delicious snack once you’re done with your cleaning!

Enjoy a clean, green, low tox home every day.


living a low tox life book
living a low tox life book
living a low tox life book

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