1 Pack of 32 Washes Laundry Strips - Fresh Scent

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1 Pack of 32 Washes Laundry Strips - Fresh Scent

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Switch your plastic or heavy cardboard box contained laundry powder or liquid to this mess free, lightweight, low-tox alternative!

Plant based and free of harmful chemicals our Laundry Sheets come in a pack containing 32 washes worth.

They are Zero Waste, No Plastic and Safe for our Precious Environment and YOU!

Each concentrated sheet of our laundry detergent is lightweight and contain no fillers or bulking agents like regular laundry detergents do. Each sheet weighs about 3g, and packs the same punch as 40g of other liquid or powdered detergents. 

1 pack can last up to 30 days:

Good Sheets come in pairs so for a standard wash rip down the perforation and use 1 half or, if you have a massive load or a majorly dirty pile of laundry use both halves for extra oomph.

Place sheet(s) in the detergent compartment drawer for a front loader or straight into the machine for top loaders.

Sheets dissolve in water with no mess, no residue.

Can be used in hot or cold water.

If hand-washing dissolve in water first. 

If you like your clothes more scented when they come out of the washer (these sheets are only lightly scented) you may like to check out our scent booster beads.

When you're done with the envelope, simply throw into the recycle bin or compost.

Our packaging is 100% recycled Aussie cardboard, why send cardboard packaging from another country when we have so much here? We use a local company to create our envelopes so the supply chain is shorter and the impact on the environment is less. All details have been carefully considered, down to the protective liner inside containing your sheets, it's made from bio-cellulose and can be composted.

We have partnered with rePurpose Global as plastic neutral brand. We have identified in our supply chain where plastic is used and have measured and offset that as an amount that will be collected from the environment on our behalf. 

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